Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not Just a Teacher - Best Teacher Blog of 2012!

I heartily recommend Pauline Roberts' Not Just a Teacher Blog for Edublog's Best Teacher Blog of 2012. Pauline always manages to combine the perfect blend of anecdotes and evidence to create a reading experience that uplifts and inspires me. She artfully "blends the boxes" of her personal and professional lives to put forth gripping and relevant ideas. Pauline writes with a clarity and passion that only intensify with each passing post. In an offering from the beginning of October entitled The Purpose of Education, Pauline writes: They (students) should leave the education system with a clear sense of their own significance, their own potential to make a positive contribution as global citizens and a thorough knowledge and understanding of the tools that will enable them to successfully make that contribution: creative thinking, productivity, digital literacy, communication skills, integrity, responsibility, reliability, and accountability. Pauline's ability to distill big ideas into their essential parts is one of her gifts. By offering a voice that ultimately speaks to the need to promote service to others through the application of practical skills, Pauline clarifies the priorities in education that matter most. Her awareness of the need to think globally and act locally are a further indication of her wisdom and dedication to children. I always manage to feel extremely motivated and optimistic for the future of education after reading Pauline's posts. She inspires me to be my very best and reminds me to dream big. Not Just a Teacher is a perfect pick for Best Teacher Blog of 2012.

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